An experienced masseuse invites you for a good classic massage and a gentle erotic massage in one overall experience. Under this performance, you will fully experience a real classic massage with elements of sports and healing. So, you will have a good warming up of the muscles and a deep but painless muscle relaxation. In the second part of the massage, gentle hands will give you a pleasant and pleasurable ending to leave you in completely relaxed. How to do a Nude massage Well, erotic massage is considered by some cultures as something absolutely divine. Moreover, it is an act that captivates the desires of humanity since the dawn of sexuality. In addition, the ancient Japanese art of Nude and Nuru massages takes this experience even further, as a full-body erotic games that is designed to link two bodies as closely as possible without penetration. Nude is a type of massage that is performed completely naked. Meanwhile with the naked skin of the masseuse sliding along the skin of her partner. Finally, you can use Nure Gel a special thick, slippery massage oil, What do you need to do an authentic Nude massage?

By the way, Each massage is customised according to the client’s individual needs as well as the therapist’s own talents and training.

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