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We offer outcall sessions wherever you want within Moscow – your apartment, hotel or office. We arrive not later than in 1 hour time. If you need an early morning session, it is better to book beforehand. You can make your booking by email, using contact form or phone/whatsapp.

If you want a particular therapist, it is better to book 1 day before .We speak english. Open daily from 7am – 3am phone number +79263073240

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Erotic massage in Moscow. Masseuse or Masseur come with plenty of experience, and super strong but gentle hands. They will bring you care, positive energy, good mood and deliver the ultimate massage result you need. Something else that I need to comment on is that a sick and unhappy person needs a massage, but a healthy and happy person also needs one too! They do the best massage in the city-classic, sports-restorative, anti-cellulite, relaxing. With this in mind come on over - her massage is just what you need.

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Erotic and care massage in Moscow. Well, first of all I am proficient in the technique of massage, which excites the body and soul and is accompanied by the hottest feelings you can imagine. You will want to enjoy this amazing massage technique again and again, with a subtle hint of exoticism. My sensual massage will awaken fantastic sensations in you, make you forget and drown in the ocean of sweet euphoria. Being at the mercy of my sensual hands, you literally feel how all problems are relegated to the background, giving way to warmth and fabulous bliss … All negative emotions will go out of the head, thoughts will line up, and the body will be recharged with vigour.

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Types of erotic massage Our erotic massage service offers women, men and couples different massage techniques. These include "sakura branch", as well as: • Thai body massage - working out erogenous zones located on the genitals and other parts of the body; • water-foam massage performed in a warm bath with lots of foam; • tantric massage - massaging the genitals with oil and incense; • aquagel - massage under the shower; • oil - massage with a lot of oil. If you are interested in erotic massage, call us our masseuse and masseur waiting for you, who will give you unearthly pleasure with their flexible bodies and skillful movements. You can invite a charming masseuse or masseur to your home or to your hotel room.


Purpose of massage: to relieve stress by acting on the muscles of the body, relaxing them. As you know, if the muscles of the brain are relaxed, then our brain can relax. Erotic massage in Moscow leads to complete relaxation of the muscles of the body and brain cells, and therefore to general relaxation. This is a wonderful relaxing treatment that will best prepare you for a difficult day at work. Relaxation massage will prevent you from developing all sorts of diseases that cause after nervous stress.

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If you are tense and busy, are under stress and work a lot with your head, then you should come to me! The gentle hands of the master will plunge your body and mind into a state of peace and tranquility. You will get fantastic pleasure, lots of tenderness, warmth and love, as well as a varied range of sensations. For your complete relaxation and comfort we work on natural hypoallergenic cosmetics. For a deeper immersion in nirvana, erotic massage in Moscow accompany  the sessions with pleasant music and high-quality massage session. My shower room, my super soft terry towels will give you such coziness and such a fantastic mood as if you are at heaven.

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This is no brainer that most of us today are struggling with poor postural states. Postural stress more often than not manifests itself in a form of muscular pain in areas such as the back, neck, and shoulder. The sheer ignorance or quick medication can increase the pain and worsen the condition to a point where the excruciating pain starts. The body needs maintenance, and according to our massage Moscow therapist Tanja, it should be more than a good diet and routine of exercise. Massage for low back pain and relaxation is a fairly misunderstood subject. A good massage therapist like we have at massage Moscow, should be able to diagnose back and shoulder tension and perform suitable massage treatment. This may mean relax and manipulating muscle tissue by gently pressing and pulling to eradicate a deeper musculoskeletal problem. We at massage Moscow have satisfied hundreds of customers.

The background music is highlighting the magnificence of my massage session.

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